Japanese Page     1998.9.20

1)Organization title : Video Press

2)Brief introduction of the organization :

Video Press is a video-production group in Japan, started in 1989. There are three full time members. It tries to produce and distribute videos which can contribute to the movement for social change. Recently, it has started introducing well-made foreign videos with translation and establishing a network of video makers.
Video Press is one of the main organizing groupes of the People's Media Network in Japan.

3) Contact point of the organization :

Akira Matsubara

(Video Press in Tokyo, Japan Tel 81-3-3530-8588 Fax 81-2-3530-8578)

E-mail : mgg01231@nifty.ne.jp

address : 2-22-17-403 Mukaihara Itabashi-ku Tokyo 173-0036 Japan

4) The list of publication, video, etc... :

* Series on Japan National Railway's Struggle

Japan National Railway's privatization attempted to destroy the labor union movement and transform Japanese society into a corporate-benefit-oriented society.

Video Press has continuously produced documentary videos on the struggle of JNR's workers. In 1992, in cooperation with the JNR labor Union, it

produced an English version of "Japan Railway's Mass Firings"(20 min.).

In 94, "Brainwashing" (20 min. English version).

In 96, "Human Rights for Japanese Railway Workers" (16 min. English version).


* Series on War Responsibility Issues

Japan had occupied Korea as colony and had done all kinds of repression in the past. However, reconciliation after the war hasn't been done yet.

Also, the system of discrimination against Koreans who reside in Japan hasn't disappeared. Without solving problems with Korea, there will be no true democracy in Japan. In this series, issues like forced labor, comfort

women, and current problems dealing with rights are the main focus. In 1992, an English version of "Forced Korean Laborers" (17 min.) was produced.

* Other videos

In 95,"Give Another Life to Garbage" (43 min., Japanese only)

This documentary covers actual conditions of garbage recycling in three cities in Japan. This work offers solutions for garbage problems by dividing it into sections; how to deal with garbage; collecting; the history of; intermediate processes; effective strategies; today's problems. This video won the 95th Environmental Film of Journalism Award.

In 97,"The Flickering Flame" (Japanese version produced)

"In the Name of the Emperor" (Japanese version produced)

* New videos in 98

"The Metal of Dishonor" (Japanese version produced)

"Watching from behind-JR:zone of injustice (30min. English version)

"Deregulation No!--message from Liverpool dockers" (20min. )